Good News! Free Plugins Carnival for Elgg Community !

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Published: 29th June 2012
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All the Paid plugins at pluginlotto that you have always wanted have now been made completely FREE!!
Users don’t need to take out cash or credit-cards to get their favorite plugin. This Plugin carnival has couple of important plugins, all elgg owner would need to transform their site into the most advanced elgg social networking site. All the elgg plugins are made available in Full-Version and are compatible with elgg 1.8+. Some of these plugins include
1. iZAP Elgg Bridge
2. iZAP Disk Quota
3. iZAP Videos
4. iZAP Payment Gateway.
…and many more! Visit Now!

Why Opening all plugins for elgg community?

Before answering this "curious" question, I would like to tell you a brief history about the creators –iZAP. It is a web agency, established in 2006. There were ten (or so) of us. Located at Ludhiana (Punjab) in India, having profitable growth because of our expertise in our chosen field and the support that we deliver along with great customer service. We researched on the Internet Communities and Web Development. Spending enough time, understanding the in-depth needs of both Clients and Developers. Our approach has always been:
1. To lay full emphasis on detailed pre-planning and preparations that ensures faster delivery with reduced risk, and at a competitive price.
2. To ensure open communication on a project’s progress towards delivery.
Our online project management tools and the provision of dedicated project managers ensure open communication on a project’s progress towards delivery.

Quality comes with Cost

There is an old saying "Quality comes with a Cost", hence while delivering the best quality at a most competitive price we suffered some major cost-involving issues. As we have always focused on the principle “Quality over Quantity”, so we decided not to release any product that would compromise with our company's Quality Standards. But as i mentioned earlier, because of being at an early stage, we were however unable to deliver all of our products openly in the web community.

The Dedication towards Motto

“Dedication works best when served with good motivation”. Somewhat similar our motto also has always been:
A: To Increase Productivity with latest Technology
B: Keep the Web Community Development cycle ongoing.
So, in order to meet both these requirements we came out with a diplomatic balanced solution. Let’s see what was that needed step.

A diplomatic approach

The Diplomatic approach was –Cost over Products. Yes. We gave cost to all of our products. The motive behind this step was never to increase the Profits in the balance sheet of the company's books instead it was only to 'Support the Research Work conducted by our Experts.' Hopefully this solved many of the problems.

Milestone Reached!

With time our research reached some of the very advanced and perfectionist people of the web community. Taking note of our work they handled us with the project that would require an expertise level in the field that we were already researching. The Project was named Yoursports .As soon as we were assigned with this project we faced many challenges that involved the thing that we were most passionate about -Research and Development, and this fulfilled our No.1 motto.
Yoursports gave us an opportunity to contribute towards the community. The Founders knew it would require a Good Cost. So they gave us all the support that we needed to carry our development, and that fulfilled another requirement. With time, we realized that we no longer require to 'Sell' our previous researches, so we decided to make the openly available in the community. Now our whole-soled motto is Just to Serve the Community

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